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Harm, by Alex Wennerberg

Bottlecap Press
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Poetry, chapbook, 30 pages, from Bottlecap Press.

Harm is Alex Wennerberg's debut poetry collection, written as an antidote to the ways we hurt others, the ways others hurt us, and the ways we hurt ourselves.

"Rare is the talent who can pack all the funny, haunting, and transcendent aspects of being in (or out) of love (or like) into bite-sized verse you can read on your phone. Alex Wennerberg's words deserve to go viral."

-Rebekah Frumkin, author of The Comedown

"alex wennerberg writes short poems, but it feels more appropriate to call them quick or fleeting. they're like the movements you glimpse out of the corner of your eye while walking in the woods—afterwards, you find yourself standing very still in hopes that you'll be able to identify the source of motion."

-Kimmy Walters