Monstrosity, by Ally Ang, Damaged Goods Press, Bunky's Books

Monstrosity, by Ally Ang

Damaged Goods Press
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Poetry, paperback, 32 pages, from Damaged Goods Press.

Ally Ang’s poetry is cutting. You want to feel the pain, rage, and love of these poems.

Monstrosity is a powerful, poignant testament to the pains of diaspora, and with them, the struggles of womanhood and sexuality. Ang’s work is not captivating but instead consuming and suffocating, like the fast-receding tide.”

-Mai Nguyen Do, Editor-in-Chief of Rambutan & author of Ghosts Still Walking

Ally Ang is a self-described spooky femme whose roots spread across continents and oceans. Their work has been published in The Fem, Tinderbox Poetry, Crab Fat Magazine, and more. You can find Ally on their blog,, or on Twitter @TheOceanIsGay.