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Half Mystic Journal Issue II: Saudade

Half Mystic
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Lit journal, poetry, prose, illustrated, 65 pages, from Half Mystic.

Issue II of Half Mystic Journal is out now, a stunning compilation of contemporary art, lyrics, and writing in celebration of music in all its forms. It showcases the theme of saudade: the drifting photograph – the ache so tender-willing – the shards of bitter-soft yearning just before the fall. Our team and contributors have poured so much of ourselves into this issue, and we hope it touches someplace soft within you.

This issue contains the voices of Jamie Uy, Lydia Havens, Talia Flores, Karen Janowsky, Lana Bella, Hugo Esteban Rodriguez, Robert F. Auld, Kevin Rabas, Emily Bartholet, Ritapa Neogi, Rebecca Harrison, Mree, Elijah Mann, Dorothy Chan, My Double My Brother, Mountains of the Moon, and Linden Eller.

The saudade issue is our gift to you, for nights soft and aching; for days tender and sorrowful; for moments when only music can ease the hurt of remembering. It is fiercely tender, infinitely gentle, and brimming with a certain mellifluous magic.