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chlamydia summer, by Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf

tenderness lit
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Poetry, chapbook, 102 pages, from tenderness lit.

chlamydia summer is the debut collection of poetry by zoë blair-schlagenhauf. it was released on the weekend of the 2tender4house literary festival in march 2017. it is 102 pink pages and hand bound in a saddle stitch with really pretty red string and lots of love.

this hand bound edition is at the end of it's run. get it while u still can.

we love you.

Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf is an artist and graphic designer living in New Orleans. She is the co-founder of tenderness, yea and sloppy seconds press. She has been published by Metatron, Spykids Review, Vagabond Lit, and Varsity Goth. She is the author of Chlamydia Summer. She tweets @zoe_blablablair. She loves you.


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