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Channel the Sun Issue 01: Snap! The Robot Awake

Zines, journals, comics, and more!
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In this day and age only a select few are chosen to be heard. This magazine aims to allow everyone to be heard, including you. Welcome to Channel the Sun, Art For Art's Sake. Here at Channel the Sun, we invite a blend of people with various skill sets to come together for the creation of original and inspired content. Creating runs so deep in our souls that we can't avoid it. From music, poetry, art, film, tech, health, fashion, current affairs to ancient mythology, the trend is to cultivate curiosity, conversation and creative freedom. This is an open forum for diverse creators to get together and build, with an emphasis on learning from one another. Started from the ground up in Venice, California, Channel the Sun invites the timeless, the unseen, the voiceless, to sing out. In our inaugural issue we will explore the tension between Nature and Technology... SNAP! THE ROBOT AWAKE