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A Series of Engagements, by Micah Card

tenderness lit
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Poetry, chapbook, 17 pages, from tenderness lit.

A Series of Engagements by Micah Card is one of seven winners of Tenderness Lit's 2017 chapbook contest. It is 5x7 and has 17 pages of poems. It’s printed on envirocopy recycled paper (because we're trying to save the world with poems). The cover is printed on card stock and is hand bound in a saddle stitch with little white string. It was released on February 14th, 2018.

Micah Card is a writer and teacher in Los Angeles, CA. Her writing has been published by Lummox Press, Aesthetica, Really Cute Tops, and as a “Professionalism in Practice” contributor for the upcoming edition of Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education by George S. Morrison. Her work has likewise been shortlisted for both the 2017 Lummox Press Poetry Contest and the 11th Aesthetica Magazine Creative Writing Award. Her chapbook of poems about art and art spaces, A Series of Engagements, was published by tenderness lit on Valentine's Day of 2018.