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Dumbheart / Stupidface, by Cooper Wilhelm

Civil Coping Mechanisms
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Poetry, paperback, 92 pages, from Civil Coping Mechanisms.

Dumbheart / Stupidface is a spirited new book by Cooper Wilhelm. It has all the intensity and bravado youth can muster, it hits hard.”

-Peter Gizzi

“Good love stories aren’t interesting to read about. Thankfully, Dumbheart / Stupidface provides a wonderful reprieve; Wilhelm writes the brutal truths of what it means to love someone with a detached ferocity generally observed in nature, as when a tiger devours a deer. And it is as exciting to watch.”

-Bijan Stephen

“Here’s where good things go get desperate, Cooper Wilhelm writes. Reading his work is like reading a palm—there is the heart, there is the hurt, and there—right there— is the possibility. It’s a beautiful experience, but it’s also painful to watch the gouging-out of the self; the vulnerability leaves such salt on your lips. I even cried as I read this: And I wept as the gendarmes chained/my hooves with whips, because I saw a poetry that sang loudly and held nothing back. Be not afraid. This collection is an antidote to the hiding-away of truth: our lovers and how they might destroy us, our blood and how it might kill us, our ancestors and how they pool through us. Every poem is a tomb and a light.”

-Lisa Marie Basile​