Eat, Knucklehead, by Craig Griffin, Publishing Genius, Bunky's Books

Eat, Knucklehead, by Craig Griffin

Publishing Genius
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Prose, miscellaneous, paperback, 220 pages, illustrated, from Publishing Genius.

100 recipes, mostly vegetarian.

“It’s an epistolary novel of letters written from father to son, with 100 recipes interwoven throughout the story. Instructional illustrations, such as how to boil an egg or chop asparagus, are included too. Whether it’s family recipes being passed down generations, or the pleasure of making a good meal for a loved one, cooking is deeply tied to family. It makes thematic sense that a cookbook should be matched with a tale of a father who loves his son. This book should also appeal to those who understand that cooking can truly be a performance, or an act of creative expression, just like any other art.”