Elizabeth Ellen, by Elizabeth Ellen

Elizabeth Ellen, by Elizabeth Ellen

Short Flight / Long Drive Books
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Poetry, paperback, 379 pages, from Short Flight / Long Drive Books.

A 400-page collection of poems in fours sections: Nicki Minaj Songs, Bob Dylan Songs, Elliott Smith Songs, and 90s Riot Grrrls Songs.

"the most important book of poetry you could ever read for any one interested in understanding their relationship to themselves, to the people around them, to their society and place in the world."

 -Elle Nash

“[The poems] feel like drawn-on Polaroids. Haiku delivered aloud by a rock frontwoman to a room of a thousand people forgetting to drink their drinks.”

 -Amanda Goldblatt

“[Elizabeth Ellen] is the female Love Is a Dog from Hell.”

 -Chloe Caldwell

“Reading Elizabeth Ellen’s poems, I’m reminded that the best literature screams, feels desperate, is written while wearing sweatpants and eating take-out alone and feeling ugly and rejected, unwanted.  Reading Elizabeth Ellen gives me hope that every writer actually isn’t agent-obsessed and in search of commercial acceptance. Reading Elizabeth Ellen reminds me that the only actual point of literature is to make yourself and others feel less alone. That’s pretty much it. That’s pretty much enough.”

-Brian Alan Ellis

“I read these poems on my bathroom floor in the dark.”

-Amanda McNeil

Elizabeth Ellen is the author of the novel Person/a, the story collections Saul Stories and Fast Machine, and the poetry collections Elizabeth Ellen and Bridget Fonda. She is the recipient of a Pushcart Prize, is a deputy editor at Hobart, and lives in Ann Arbor.


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