I Wanted to Be the Knife, by Sara Sutterlin, Metatron Press, Bunky's Books

I Wanted to Be the Knife, by Sara Sutterlin

Metatron Press
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Poetry, paperback, 56 pages, from Metatron Press.

Sara Sutterlin’s I Wanted to Be the Knife picks at the bones of modern romance by exploring the disappointments of intimacy and the loneliness of dissolving relationships. Her poems are brutal, funny and full of tender, ugly details that remind us of the compromises we make with ourselves and each other when in love.

Originally published as a small booklet by Metatron in 2015, this brand new, expanded edition features the initial booklet, plus 28 new poems which both complement and challenge the originals.

Sara Sutterlin is a Montreal-based writer. She is the founder and managing editor of LESTE. Baveuse, her second poetry collection of poetry, was published by Electric Cereal in late 2015. Her latest collection, Baby, is now available through Metatron.


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