Jesse Eisenberg, It's Not Your Fault, by Kathleen Kathleen, Dostoyevsky Wannabe, Bunky's Books

Jesse Eisenberg, It's Not Your Fault, by Kathleen Kathleen

Dostoyevsky Wannabe
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Poetry, paperback, 66 pages, from Dostoyevsky Wannabe.

It isn't Jesse Eisenberg's fault. So whose fault is it?

Rabbit costumes and pleated skirts and reading electronic versions of Kim Gordon's biography but with the big font, not the small font and then re-reading it again with the small, these are the central concerns of our age and also the central concerns of Kathleen Kathleen.

Kathleen Kathleen was born in Connecticut but lives in London where she works in a bar that sells hamburgers. She doesn't want you to know who she is. She doesn't Tweet. She doesn't Tumble. She doesn't Facebook. She doesn't Instagram. She just sells hamburgers and beer and writes books like this one.


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