Less Precious, by Rhiannon Conley, Semiperfect Press, Bunky's Books

Less Precious, by Rhiannon Conley

Semiperfect Press
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Poetry, chapbook, 27 pages, from Semiperfect Press.

Rhiannon Conley's poems -- at once dark and romantic -- explore the complexities of love, sex, and motherhood through a mixture of personal narrative and zoological description. Cover art by Rachel Piwarski.

"It was barely July and I had just stopped loving you / in the small, precious way that you needed. / I used to be made of wolf’s blood and sea water. / My veins carried this to my hands, / lips and legs. It flowed through me with the moon. / I told you, you used to be precious, magic."

Rhiannon Conley is a poet and writing instructor living in North Dakota. In 2017 she was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her first chapbook, Less Precious, was published by Semiperfect Press in 2017. She writes an irregular newsletter of short poetic essays called Smol Talks, and more regularly, Tweets.