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Man vs. Sky, by Corey Zeller

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Prose poetry, paperback, 80 pages, from YesYes Books.

"This is a book by a man who is 'sputtering gray zeppelin in what used to be sky, a man out of bicycle parts,' who likes when 'trees sizzle' and who knows that although 'there are no angels to speak of out here,' the neighbors 'shout and calls the cops for all the noise not there.' This book is full of crazy, vital energy. Full of miraculous and mundane, full of coke bottles, subways, cotton swabs, wasps, sharp nipple, and voices from the great soup that Frank Stanford once tried to feed to all hungry mouths of America. And, the poet who is the child, "stands at the window, as night becomes morning." This too, is magic. 'Just pick up your feet and watch.'"

-Ilya Kaminsky, author of Dancing in Odessa

Corey Zeller is the author of Man vs. Sky (YesYes Books). His work has appeared in The Kenyon ReviewMid-American ReviewThe Colorado ReviewDiagramPuerto del SolSalt HillWest BranchThe Literary ReviewNew York TyrantChorus (MTV Books), among others. He currently serves as an associate editor at Mud Luscious Press and a social media wrangler for H_NGM_N BOOKS.