Milk: An Anthology of Eroticism, edited by Sophie Essex, Salò Press, Bunky's Books

Milk: An Anthology of Eroticism, edited by Sophie Essex

Salò Press
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Poetry, prose, anthology, paperback, 118 pages, from Salò Press.

There is often a discomfort when writers or poets vocalise something that your own mind has been wrestling with, but though there is a presence of that discomfort here, there is also a comfort in the shared experiences. These collective emotions and experiences offer the ability to reduce any alienation that the reader may experience. The works can then offer a connective quality that can often be seen lacking in non creative writing. Books such as this one boast a real privileged freedom of expression that we are lucky enough to have and should dearly value including with support for small publications and alternative outlets.

-The Norwich Radical

Features work by Andrew Darlington, Alison Graham, Andrew Hook, Brian Howell, Rhys Hughes, N.A. Jackson, Jane Jacobs, Nooks Krannie, Francesca Kritikos, Socrates Martinis, Jared Pollen, Rosie Quattromini, Jessica Rhodes, Sarra Said-Wardell, Fred Spoliar, and Nina Ward. Edited by Sophie Essex.