Otherwise Jesus, by Blake Wallin, Ghost City Press, Bunky's Books

Otherwise Jesus, by Blake Wallin

Ghost City Press
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Poetry, chapbook, 60 pages, from Ghost City Press.

This collection of poems is a full blooded romp through the consciousnesses of characters who only sometimes know they’re on camera. Reading it is like traveling through a collectively disintegrated Oversoul, the fragments of which are not picked up and examined but bandied about frenetically until the stasis of therapy makes itself known in the last poem. It’s a rest and a pause, an interrupted meditation on the finer things in life, and a concoction of coping tools to deal with such blocks. What circumstances lead people to Jesus? What opportunistic strivings of a community become the bedrock foundations of that very community? How can all this be avoided? What can wash away my sin? Otherwise Jesus can.


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