Shore, by Clay Matthews

Shore, by Clay Matthews

Cooper Dillon Books
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Poetry, paperback, 54 pages, from Cooper Dillon Books.

"In Shore, the world begins with 'The things that happen//before the thing/ that is going to happen.' This world's attendant language then moves outward, toward everything and somewhere, much as water and memory do. At the height of its singing, the poem asks, 'Have you grieved, dear Reader?' Within the answer to this question is the sound of water running inside a three, life returning to life, the bottle and the snuff tin, echoes of Emily Dickinson and Memphis Minnie--as though an Alan Lomax field recording has made its way to the page. In this graceful work, Clay Matthews thinks through and sounds out the stories that need telling."

-Shannon Tharp

"Listen, the voice says. Once upon a time, there was a story and it was ours and it was made of many voices and it was true and it was never true and it was Clay Matthews' to tell, to sing, to turn into American Long Poem of fish guts and menstrual blood, of motor oil and rising waters, of beautiful umbrella. Where do we come from and where do we go? Better to ask how. Better to listen up and let Clay Matthews' gorgeous, terrible flood song take you back and take you away."

-Steve Davenport


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