Weather / Or / Not, by Dalton Day

Weather / Or / Not, by Dalton Day

Maudlin House
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Poetry, prose poetry, paperback, 26 pages, from Maudlin House.

“This chapbook is full of weather and rumors of weather, which are also rumors of dreams, which are also rooms filled with atmosphere and oxygen, and exactly the reason they are hard to inhabit, and exactly why you should hold them close and inhale.”

-Chad Redden, Dream Guides podcast

“This book

-made me question if I know what my face actually looks like

-gave me a hard time remembering what my face looks like

-made it hard for me to remember the qualities of my face

-may have removed my face completely and replaced it with a new one.

The morning after reading WEATHER / OR / NOT, I remembered every single one of my dreams.”

Sarah Jean Alexander, author of WILDLIVES


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